Colorize your universe

The vast and boundless universe is quite marvelous.
For centuries, it has evoked curiosity and wonder in the hearts of many,
but it’s not easy to make our imaginations a reality.
Now you can.
With Colorverse, embark on a breathtaking journey through
the galaxy and share your inspirations with the world.
Season 1
Colorverse SPACEWARD ink was born from a collection of
12 unique and beautiful colors, each carefully blended with
innovative technology.
Experience the difference in expression with every stroke of the pen.
Season 2
Colorverse ASTROPHYSICS Ink contains a unique and
creative energy in each of the 8 colors.
Experience its amazing vitality spreading out from
the tips of your fountain and dip pens.
Season 3
features 6 new ink sets based on concepts of harmony and symmetry.
Prepare to be amazed by colors you haven’t experienced before.
Colorverse ink is made with high-purity raw materials
mixed via state-of-the-art technology.
Each of the various colors will captivate you with its ethereal beauty and intensity.
The carefully optimized PH design will guarantee
high-quality and long-term shelf life.
  • CEO : Young-ki Baek
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  • MALL ORDER LICENSE : 2017-JUNGGU SEOUL-1115[사업자정보확인]
  • BUSINESS LICENSE : 183-23-00449
  • HEAD OFFICE : 12, Dasan-ro 24-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea